Cheese Puns of Fame

Over the years whilst melting cheese toasties at festival, wedding and other events around the UK we’ve came across a lot of cheese puns. Some brielliant and some not so gouda….but here is our Cheese Puns of Fame.

1. What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet? You cheddar few pounds.

2. Where Do you buy second hand cheese? Brie Bay

3.  A cheese got sliced into a million pieces – that’s grate

4. Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? There was de-brie everywhere.

5. What does cheese say when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi

6. What hotel does cheese stay at? The Stilton

7. How do you know it’s getting kind of serious with a cheese lover?

 They tell you they are pretty fondue you.

8. What was the cheese’s strategy when it ran for president? Make America grate again.

9.Did you hear about the cheese lover who took his girlfriend for granted? How dairy.

10. What does a cheese say when you ask him a secret? He cantal

Do let us know if you feel there’s some cheese puns that are even FETA than the above.

Warm & Toastie


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