Top Tips To Make The Perfect Grilled Cheese

Here are our top tips we’ve picked up over the last few years of dedicated cheese research, experimentation and as the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of Warm & Toastie. As we’re part way through our journey to fully understand the way of the toastie, we’ve amassed a number of initial insights into the culinary art of melting cheese.

We can confidently say, the path to cheese toastie perfection is a rollercoaster ride. There’ll be gouda times. There’ll be even feta times. There may be times when you feel completely adelost. There’ll brie times you’ll feel like you’re grilling at a million miles an hour and times when you’ll grill standing completely Stilton. Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, remember, you don’t choose the grill life, the grill life chooses you.

May cheese be with you, namaste framage frais 🙏.

  1. Butter your bread like a boss.

When we say like a boss, we mean on the OUTSIDE of your bread. This may not sound particularly boss-like, but it’s essential to crafting a next-level toastie. Buttering the outside gives your toastie that glorious golden finish– also ‘boss’ fit in nicely with the alliterative title.

Spread an even coating of unsalted butter on the outside of your Sourdough slice and you’re well on your way to melting the heart of any cheese toastie aficionado.

  • Let’s talk about bread, baby. Let’s talk about you and cheese. Let’s talk abooout bread.
    (If you don’t get the Salt-N-Pepa reference you’ve got much lot to learn, but that’s OK – we’re here for you)

 In our experience sourdough is the cheese toastie champion. The slightly sour flavour matches perfectly with savoury, sweet richness of many of the cheese varieties we use. Sourdough is a super sturdy base for keeping all ingredients in one joyous cheesy package. It’s also baked with plenty of handy air pockets that when we get to the grilling allow all sorts of golden cheesy goodness seep though. What good does that do? We’re talking crispy, cheesy bits all over this b*tch post-grill. Oooooooweeeee that’s that gooooouda shit.

  • The Perfect cheese does not exist

This is something that we who walk the cheesed path must come to accept. For the ultimate cheese toastie filling there are a number of qualities that we’re looking for. We need that elastic stretch, heaps of flavour and a molten gooey texture. This is the holy grail of grill, but it hasn’t been found yet. Instead one must put pen to paper and put cheese together with more cheese to create the ultimate filling that each toastie recipe needs and deserves.

 There’s no perfect formula for this, which is where the joy of cooking comes in. Play with different cheese combos, experiment with the breadth of flavours and textures that there are in the cheese canon.  In all of our toasties we concoct a cheese blend to perfectly pair flavour and texture for each individual toastie. We’re always finding new amazing cheeses to try, altering, mixing up and creating new recipes all the time. There are no rules for this, express yourself in the cheesiest way imaginable.

  • Cherish the cheese.

Your relationship with cheese is like any romantic relationship… we’re talking bedroom styles. Yes, you might have your classic moves that you go to time again, your chart toppers, if you will, but it’s important to keep your tekkers fresh. What we’re trying to say is – don’t be afraid to spice it up. Approach your toastie with an open mind, try new flavour combos, new cheeses and bung in whatever extra filling you feel like. Remember, the kitchen is a safe space to experiment, be creative and always treat your toastie with love.

  • PWC – Pissun’ wi cheese.

    This is our standard that we hold every toastie to before we hand it over to our cheese frenzied customers. Regardless of filling, of cheese ingredients, bread type – everything. Until is absolutely Pissin’ With Cheese, it ain’t ready. There has to be a mouthful of magnificent golden magma within every bite – that’s a given.  This is one of our fundamental philosophies for Warm & Toastie. We suggest you aim to replicate this, but, once again, your toastie style is up to you.

This is simply a guide to walking the cheese path our way, we must all find our own cheesy road to toastie enlightenment. We congratulate you for taking the first step.

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