Our Toastie Love Story

“I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy, asking him to buy a toastie van.”

Just to keep you guys in the loop, we are what the Americans call, ‘an item’. We are wildly in love. We’re, you know, in a relationship. It’s adorable. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re ‘bae’ and ‘bae’.

Prior to Warm & Toastie we had been living together in London, as we still do, but with an amateurish amount of cheese in our life. Our relationship had been progressing and we did what any couple does when they want to take it to the next level – impulsively buy an old ice cream van to sell gourmet cheese toasties from. It’s a tale as old as time, we know.

We got into this game because, you know, yeah: we’ll just say it: we’re foodies. Yep, we like our food. Particularly, you may have already guessed, CHEESE.  Whilst working full-time jobs in London, cooking, and food in general, was a huge part of our lives. We would regularly be trying to broaden our culinary horizons, to conjure up new recipes for each other to try, and grilling cheese as enthusiastic amateurs.  Whilst we were enjoying our quiet, comfortable lives, before long, we craved action. We were drawn to the glitz, glamour and grills of the street food world and began forming the idea for the toastie van.

It was in 2016 that we just said, “f*ck it.”

We officially entered the world of the start-up with the sole mission of creating the perfect cheese toastie. A pinch naively, we set about on a quest to find the holy grail – the perfect cheese for a toastie. 

We travelled Europe for a year sampling different cheeses and after many taste test (and a rapidly growing waistline), we had found our signature Warm & Toastie Cheese blend and a now, some may say, an out of control obsession with toasties. We did not find the idealised cheesy mirage that is the perfect cheese.

“Our first lesson on our toastie quest was ….. there is no such thing as the “perfect” cheese.”

We realised that we could spend a lifetime hunting for this elusive white whale of the culinary world, and instead, we should relish the journey exploring new paths and evolving our cheese knowledge at every turn. It is only here that you take your first step along the path towards cheese toastie enlightenment. We were ready follow the way of the toastie. It was time for us to start the next step of our quest.In October 2016 we bought an old ice cream van “Monty” and upcycled him into a beautiful melting machine, opening our hatch in April 2017. Within a year we were shortlisted as finalists for street food of the year and have created a cheese bar to cater for events further afield. This is our travelling cheese sanctuary, going from place to place sharing with the world all we have learnt so far, test out our newest cheesy epiphanies, as well as imbibe evermore cheese insights and perspectives from the streets.

Our philosophy has remained simple from the outset. We believe only the finest, lovingly made ingredients can go into our cheese toasties. We always meet our suppliers and look to source ingredients locally and sustainably. A good toastie is a toastie for good, and supporting the people who have a real passion for quality and ethically produced food is something we take very seriously. We are proud of every ingredient that goes into our toasties and strive to make sure they are Toasties worthy of talking about. This is how we believe we can reach toastie enlightenment and, one day, attain the state of cheese nirvana.

That is our story so far. Do follow us, spiritually, philosophically, physically (not in a creepy way, we mean come find us for toasties) and of course, digitally to celebrate the magnificence of the cheese toastie and all it can be.”

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